Annual Report 2017

Year In Review


HSP's mission is to make history relevant and exhilarating to all by creating access and delivering content for 21st-century audiences. History matters; history is alive; history informs culture and identity; history includes us all; and history must be documented and communicated.

Over the past year, HSP has undergone transformations in order to bring its collection further into the public eye. We improved access, added to our collections, increased student field trips, and connected more people than ever to history.

Boy reading
View of the Statehouse in 1778

By The Numbers


June 30, 2017 and 2016

Assets 2017 2016
Cash $88,273 $166,895
Contributuions receivable 228,229 130,152
Prepaid expenses and other 72,463 57,441
Investments 11,679,419 12,225,621
Property and equipment, net 8,514,902 9,253,072
Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts 8,531,000 7,985,000
Collections 1,107,575 1,107,575
Total Assets $30,221,861 $30,925,756
Liabilities 2017 2016
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $309,381 $391,671
Net Assets 2017 2016
Undesignated 6,616,486 7,310,565
Board designated 67,217 1,098,143
Total undesignated 6,683,703 8,408,708
Temporarily restricted 8,620,247 8,062,847
Permanently restricted 14,608,530 14,062,530
Total net assets 29,912,480 30,534,085
Total liabilities and net assets $30,221,861 $30,925,756




HSP appeals to patrons with its collections, diverse suite of programming, events, and document displays. We welcomed 3,526 researchers into the library, and more than 8,000 event and program attendees.



HSP added 553 total linear feet this year to our collections, aided by our Adopt-A-Collection program, which funded the processing and conservation of newly acquired documents.

Extending our reach to researchers beyond our walls, we digitized 6,227 new items, mounted major new releases of our popular Discover and Encounters databases, and launched a new digital repository of more than 2,700 lantern slide images in collaboration with Bryn Mawr College.


New Projects / Branding

HSP launched the implementation phase of a transformative strategic plan propelling the institution into an exciting new era. As a vibrant collecting research library, we work with local communities, and engage in ongoing conversations about what it means to be an American.



In fiscal year 2017 HSP again increased the number of students participating in National History Day and educational programs. During the 2016-17 academic year, outreach accounted for 63% of our workshops, directly serving nearly 3,000 students, in addition to field trips that brought students into HSP for learning activities. We were honored to receive funding from the Connelly Foundation in support of our educational programs, and to be one of a limited number of cultural organizations to provide Act 48 credits to teachers in Pennsylvania.

Our education program facilitates students' engagement in discovery-based learning by interacting with such primary source materials as historical letters and documents. This methodology encourages critical thinking about these documents and the historical record.

HSP registered over a thousand new researchers this year. Of the 3,526 visitors who conducted research at HSP, 48% were members, 21% students, and 31% non-members. HSP librarians received over three thousand research requests during the fiscal year. Our digital collections also grew, providing immediate access to even more primary historical documents and images.

HSP's digital reach continues to grow, with active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts. We currently have over 11,000 followers on Facebook, and over 5,000 on Twitter, providing an important point of contact for questions, shared events and other avenues of exploration.



Money To Raise

As part of our strategic plan, HSP is focused on increasing contributed support. In a rapidly-changing environment, we work to ensure that the collections entrusted with HSP are preserved for future generations.

This year, we doubled our fundraising efforts in support of our strategic plan. Donations received enable us to continue our work with community organizations and cultural institutions to bring our collections beyond our walls and into the community.

HSP's new plan is based on three strategic pillars: The Library of American Experience, The Balch Institute for the Study of American Identities, and The Center for Public History and Education. Threads of inclusivity and relevance run through all three of these pillars; by bringing the documents of the past into the present, HSP ensures that history is made accessible to all. With our additional fundraising, we will be able to reach more people with our collections.


Number of People

We increased participation in classes and events by collaborating with community groups. Through partnerships with area organizations like Taller Puertorriqueño and the National Constitution Center, we reached marginalized communities traditionally ignored by the historic record. And with programs like Becoming U.S., we centered the voices of immigrants and actively discussed what it means to be an American today.

Becoming U.S. is a vital part of our outreach and engagement efforts. The programs are designed to amplify the voices of the wider community in conversation around topics of immigration, ethnicity, assimilation, and discrimination through a lens of historic context. HSP is one of the nation's leading resources for documenting immigrant/ethnic history, and is therefore uniquely positioned to facilitate these conversations.

This year we initiated a long-term collaboration with the National Constitution Center aimed at illuminating the story of America through important constitutional documents in our collections. Thousands of people are now able to read unique early drafts of the Constitution and other documents from HSP. This supports HSP's commitment to connect Americans to the sources of their history, focusing on the realities of forming a new nation, and the messy, human contradictions that have shaped not only the past, but also the present realities of America. By engaging with more people than ever before, HSP participates in educating and sparking discussion and debate, providing historical context to present-day issues.



The 125 new collections HSP accessioned in FY2017 strengthen our mission. Accessibility and sharing all our collections with the public is a priority. Our document displays allowed us to show off these collections, and provided ongoing context for current events.

During FY2017 we completed processing of 28 collections and created 23 new finding aids. These improvements offer researchers and scholars easier access to primary source documents, both onsite and via our online catalogue.


Continue Growing Digital Collections

Our library is an unparalleled resource for those who can visit. Not everyone who could benefit from HSP's collections can physically make it to the building, but, we are proud that our digital collections can provide worldwide access. With the expansion of our digitized collections this year, HSP reaches into classrooms and living rooms, giving everyone the chance to make history theirs.


Thank You

Institutional Partners

Abington Junior High School History Club
Aegis Property Group
American Philosophical Society
Army Heritage Center Foundation
BDB Company
Beneficial Foundation
Blank Rome LLP
Brown Brothers Harriman
Canon Solutions America
Dilworth Paxson LLP
Dorrance H. Hamilton Charitable Lead Trusts
Drexel University
Edward W. Kane & Martha J. Wallace Family Foundation
Elliott Lewis Corporation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Ethical Society of Philadelphia
Fabric Workshop and Museum
Freeman's Auction
Hamilton Family Foundation
Indian Rights Association
Institute of Museum & Library Services
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Key Elements Group LLC
LaSalle University
Laurel Hill Cemetery
Leo Model Foundation
Marcum Foundation
Moore Brothers Wine Company
Museum of the American Revolution
National Endowment for the Humanities
New York Historical Society
Pennsylvania Abolition Society
Pennsylvania Abolition Society Endowment Fund c/o The Philadelphia Foundation
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Pepper Hamilton LLP
Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collection Libraries
Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Philadelphia History Museum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Scheie Eye Institute
Society for Historians of the Early American Republic
Society of the Cininnati in the State of New Jersey
Society of the Sons of St George
Soltis Management Services
Southwest Airlines
St. David's Episcopal Church (Radnor)
Strata Company
Studio Institute
The Baronial Order of Magna Charta
The Connelly Foundation
The George C. & Ester Ann McFarland Foundation
The Haverford Trust Company
The Library Company of Philadelphia
The Library of America
The National Constitution Center
The Philadelphia Zoo
The Quaker City Foundation
The Raab Collection
The Union League of Philadelphia



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  • Mr. David A. Othmer and Ms. Maureen Barden
  • Mr. William L. Page
  • Ms. Anne L. Pahre
  • Ms. Laura Palmer
  • Mr. Bob Parkinson
  • Ms. Janet Parks
  • Kevin and Megan Passerini
  • V. Russell Patience
  • Mr. David D. Patterson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCracken Peck
  • Dr. Steven J. Peitzman
  • Ms. Joanne Pekter
  • Mr. and Mrs. John F. Perry
  • Ms. Carla Peterson
  • Mr. Dale A. Phillips
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips
  • Dr. William Pickens III
  • Carol C. Pickering
  • Toni F. Pitock
  • Mrs. Deborah Pollack
  • Mr. John Polley
  • Ms. Cynthia Porter
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Preucel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price Jr.
  • Mr. Sumpter Priddy III
  • Mr. Joseph A. Prim Jr.
  • Mr. James O. Pringle
  • Stephen Pringle
  • Mr. John Puckett
  • Mr. Peter K. Quigg
  • Cecil Quillen
  • Nathan Raab and Karen Pearlman Raab
  • Mr. David T. Ralston
  • Joseph L. Ramsay Jr.
  • Dr. Erik Rau
  • Mr. Pierre T. Ravacon
  • Mr. Henry F. Reichner and Mrs. Melissa Acker Reichner
  • Col. Henry H. Reichner Jr. USMC (Ret)*
  • Mr. John Reidy
  • Ms. Jane W. Reilley
  • Janet B. Renn
  • Edward Rhoads
  • Mr. Douglas H. Riblet
  • Ms. Patricia L. Ricci
  • Ms. Delories L. Richardi
  • Dr. Daniel K. Richter
  • Ms. Kathleen Richuso
  • Ms. Sarah Ricks and Mr. Tom Dolgenos
  • Mrs. Patricia Rieker
  • Mr. Robert L. Riffle
  • Mr. Thomas C. Riley
  • Dr. Donna J. Rilling
  • Mr. Joseph Rishel
  • Mr. Bankson C. Riter Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rittenhouse
  • Mr. Theodore R. Robb
  • Ms. Adina D. Roberts
  • The Honorable James R. Roebuck Jr.
  • Ms. Laurie Rofini
  • Mr. Thomas C. Rogers
  • Mr. Paul W. Rorer Jr.
  • Mr. Jay Rose
  • Mrs. Eileen Y. Rosenau
  • Mr. Howell K. Rosenberg
  • Mr. Joshua Rosenbloom
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rottenberg
  • Mr. David B. Rowland
  • Mrs. Corinne R. Roxby
  • Mr. William B. Ruger Jr.
  • Ms. Sandra Rumble
  • Ms. Janet E. Rupert
  • Mr. Robert H. Russell Jr.
  • Rocco E. Russo
  • Mr. Thomas Rzeznik
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Sallade
  • Mr. Diane Salman
  • Carolyn W. Sampson
  • Jonathan D. Sassi
  • Mr. Thomas Scannapieco
  • Mr. Timothy R. Schantz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Schiesser
  • Mr. Loras J. Schissel
  • Prof. Peter Schmidt
  • Ms. Teresa L. Scott
  • Ms. Colleen Scullin
  • Mr. Ralph M. Seeley
  • Dr. Mortimer Sellers
  • Ms. Liza Seltzer
  • Mrs. Louise H. Shafer
  • Mr. Ronn Shaffer
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Shannahan
  • Mr. H. Geoffrey Sheffer
  • Ms. Donna C. Shelton
  • Ms. Carroll Anne Sheppard
  • Ms. Lisa M. Sheppard
  • Mr. Robert B. Sher
  • Mrs. Irene Sheridan
  • Ms. Patricia Sherman
  • Mrs. Marciarose Shestack
  • Mr. Charles E. Shields III
  • Mr. William Shipley
  • Dr. and Ms. Elliot Shore
  • Mr. Brice Showell
  • Ms. Cathy Siegl
  • Mr. Patricia Sierzenski
  • Ms. Patricia Sigler
  • Mr. Rene J. Silva
  • Anne W. Sims
  • Ms. Doreen L. Skala
  • Mr. Matthew Skolnik
  • Dr. Serena S. Skwersky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Slamp
  • Gurney P. Sloan
  • Ms. Carol W. Smith
  • Mr. Don B. Smith
  • Ms. Elizabeth Breig Smith
  • Ms. Jacqueline M. Smith
  • Ms. Sherry L. Smith
  • Mr. Richard Wood Snowden and Mr. Fred Holzerman
  • Ms. Theresa Snyder
  • Dr. Jean M. Soderlund
  • Ms. Jacqueline R. Sowden
  • Gus Spector
  • Mr. Paul Scott Sperry
  • Ms. Monica D. Spiese
  • Mr. Edward Spyra
  • Mrs. Marianne D. Squyres
  • Dr. Robert Blair St. George
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. St. John
  • Mr. William B. Stabert
  • Ms. Catherine Stahler-Miller
  • Mrs. Margaret A. Stanfield
  • Ms. Linda Stanley
  • Darwin H. Stapleton
  • Ms. Kimberly Staub
  • Mr. James H. Sterrett
  • Ms. Lee Steuber
  • Mr. Michael Stewart and Ms. Kathie Stewart
  • Ms. Pat Stewart
  • Mr. Jay Robert Stiefel
  • Mrs. Kathleen M. Stolldorf
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Strasbaugh
  • Ms. Jean Stromberg
  • Patricia Tyson Stroud
  • Mr. Warren E. Strumpfer
  • Dr. David E. Stuart
  • Mr. Anthony A.P. Stuempfig
  • Ms. Maria Sturm
  • Mr. Michael Styler
  • Ms. Brenda A. Sudell-Benson
  • Ms. Kathy G. Sullivan
  • Ms. Michele Sullivan
  • Mr. Henderson Supplee III
  • Mr. Robert Swartzel
  • Dr. Joseph Tabourne
  • Mrs. Alice Lea Tasman
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Thalheimer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Thayer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Thompson Jr.
  • Ms. Maria M. Thompson
  • Shel and Karen Thompson
  • Mr. John W. Thornton Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. William C. Torchiana
  • Mr. William J. Torrens
  • H. Lynn Tractman
  • Mr. Edward M. Trainor
  • Mr. Michael P. Tremoglie
  • Dr. C. James Trotman and
  • Ms. Elizabeth Truitt
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Tuck
  • Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay
  • Beth A. Twiss Houting
  • Charles Ulmann
  • Mr. Carmen D. Valentino
  • Ms. Anne Louise C. Van Nostrand
  • Mr. John W. Via III
  • Mrs. Katherine T. Vitullo
  • Ms. Anne Vollmer
  • Mark Wagenveld
  • Ms. Frances W. Waite
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh P. Walder
  • Ms. Katherine M. Waldron
  • Mr. Richard Waldron and Mrs. Lorraine Waldron
  • Irene Walker
  • Mrs. Donna M. Walling
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick A. Ward
  • Mr. William W. Warner
  • Mr. Robert Warring
  • Mr. Christopher H. Washburn
  • Ms. Nancy A. Watenphul
  • Ms. Marie Weaver
  • Ms. Hilary Weber
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Webster
  • Mr. Charles H. Weigley
  • Ms. Joan B. Wells
  • Mr. Colin Wetherill
  • Mr. John A. Wetzel
  • Mr. Charles R. Wheeler Jr.
  • Ms. E. Karen Whitaker
  • Ms. Deborah White Hershey
  • Mr. John J. White Sr.
  • Mr. Alfred Whittaker
  • Mr. Samuel W. Whyte
  • Mr. Scott M. Wilds
  • Ms. Susan C. Williams
  • Mrs. Kara Willig
  • Mr. Scott Willson
  • Mr. Birch W. Wilson
  • Ms. Susan Wilt
  • Dr. Julie P. Winch
  • Ms. Lisa M. Witomski and Mr. James Scott
  • Mrs. Joan P. Wohl
  • Jean K. Wolf
  • Stevie Wolf
  • Mr. Alan Wood IV
  • Ms. Deborah J. Wood and Mr. Lawrence Wood
  • Mr. Douglas Wood
  • Jeffrey S. Wood
  • Mr. Jonathan E. Wood Jr.
  • Mr. Theodore V. Wood Jr.
  • Mr. Charles Woodward
  • Mr. Thomas C. Woodward
  • Mr. John Work
  • Mr. Jeffrey L. Wright
  • Ms. Jennifer Wright
  • Ms. Lida A. Wright
  • Minturn T. Wright III
  • Mr. Aaron V. Wunsch
  • Mr. Russell W. Wylie
  • Carol Yaster and Bill Levant
  • Mrs. Alice C. Young
  • Dr. Theodore J. Zeman
  • Mr. Roy Ziegler
  • Ms. Janet F. Zimmerman
  • Ms. Lynette Zimmerman
  • Dr. and Dr. Michael Zuckerman
  • Mr. Jeffrey D. Zudeck


Board Officers

Bruce K. Fenton, Esq., Board Chair
Pepper Hamilton, LLP, Partner in Commercial Department
Timothy R. Schantz, Executive Vice Chair
The History Factory, Managing Director, Archives and Content Solutions, Clear Harbor Asset Management, Vice Chairman
Georgiana Noll, Secretary
Majid Alsayegh, Treasurer, Vice Chair for Planning and Finance
Alta Management, LLC, Principal
Lori E. Cohen, Vice Chair for Institutional Advancement
Arader Galleries, Director and Partner
Alice L. George, Vice Chair for Collections and Programs
Independent Historian and Author
Steven R. Klammer, Esq., Vice Chair for Audit
The Bryn Mawr Trust Company, Senior Vice President
Walter M. Licht, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
University of Pennsylvania, Professor
David A. Othmer, At-Large Member of the Executive Committee
Independent Strategic Planning Consultant (Former station manager, WHYY)

Board Councilors

Paul A. E. Cummings
Abbot Downing, Regional Managing Director, Northeast Region
Dale Heist, Esq.
Baker & Hostetler LLP, Partner
Sandra M. Hewlett
Certified Genealogist
Krishna Lahiri
Author and Teacher
J. Rudy Lewis
Neighborly Living, LLC, Owner
Collin F. McNeil
Author and philanthropist
Elizabeth (LiLy) Milroy
Art & Art History Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design Drexel University, Professor and Department Head
Kevin Passerini, Esq.
Blank Rome LLP, Partner, Corporate Litigation
Sarah Price
PENNlincs, Director of Public Relations (retired) and philanthropist
Nathan K. Raab
The Raab Collection, LLC, President
Henry F. Reichner, Esq.
Reed Smith LLP, Partner
Tom Riley
Connelly Foundation, President
Robert J. Rittenhouse
Aegis Property Group, Partner
Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr.
Pennsylvania State Representative
Jay Rose
Woodcock Washburn LLP, Executive Director (retired)


Library & Collections

Lee Arnold
Senior Director of the Library & Collections and Chief Operating Officer
Anthony DiGiovanni
Copy Cataloguer
Shannon Hadley
David Haugaard
Director of Research Services
Sarah Heim
Assistant Director of Research Services
Cary Hutto
Director of Archives
Sarah Leu
Edwin Forrest Curator of Performing Arts Collections
Weckea Dejura Lilly
Researcher and Project Database Technician
Erin Malkowski
Project Conservation Technician
Ronald Medford
Senior Research Services Associate
Joaquin Moreland-Sender
Research Assistant
Tara O'Brien
Director of Preservation and Conservation Services
Daniel Rolph
Reference Librarian and Historian
Steve Smith
Public Services Librarian/Stacks Manager

Programs & Services

Beth Twiss Houting
Senior Director of Programs and Services
Christopher Damiani
Director of Public Programs
Kate Devlin
Visitor Services Coordinator
Christina Larocco
Editor of PMHB and Scholarly Programs Manager
Margaret Maxey
Visitor Services Coordinator
Kimberly McCleary
Education Manager
Rachel Moloshok
Managing Editor of Publications & Associate Manager of Scholarly Programs
Johanna Ouk
Programs and Services Assistant


Lynette Zimmerman
Interim Director of Development
Mallory Burgan
Associate Director of Development
Amanda Dean
Executive Offices Manager
Patrick Glennon
Communications Officer and Content Writer
Paul Goodman
Gift Processor
Jon-Chris Hatalski
Director of Institutional Giving
Monica Fonorow
Associate Director of Communications
Michael Ticzon
Development Operations Manager

Information Technology

John Houser
Chief Information Officer
William Brown
PC Support Technician
Caroline Hayden
Digital Services Manager
Kaitlyn Pettengill
Digital Services Archivist
Vicki Russo
Digital Services Imaging Technician


Dennis Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Joaquin Moreland-Sender
Staff Accountant


Kate Tyler-Wall
Journal of the Early Republic, Managing Editor